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  • What do I wear for my photo shoot?
    Wear a button down to the studio. This will make the transition from the hair and makeup chair to your first wardrobe choice much easier. Think texture OVER print. Big, bold and crazy patterns distract from your face, especially in photos. Textures however photograph beautifully. Textures are: cable knit, denim, lace, tulle, chiffon, velvet, even fur. Bring a range. While we only photograph you in a few outfits, bring a bunch. We'll put things together at your arrival and who knows?
  • Boudoir? Really? People do this?
    Yes they do? It is the most rewarding type of photography that I do. Some women do it to reclaim themselves, others as gifts for their significant other. Whatever your reason It is my job to work together with you to create something that empowers you and has you leaving that day on a high. Embrace yourself and define your own beauty on your own terms.
  • How do I prepare for my photo shoot? What do I need to do?
    Hair cut/color: this should be scheduled 10-14 days prior to your photo shoot. This gives your hair the time it needs to settle in to the new style and texture. Nails: Take advantage of the purpose for having your shoot. Your hands and nails will be in the pictures and you want them to be polished and looking gorgeous. We do recommend staying away from heavier tones. Can't decide? Go with a clean polish. The buffing and shaping alone will help immensely. Waxing: 3-5 days prior to your shoot. Skin can be very disagreeable when it comes to waxing. No one wants giant red welts in their pictures. To tan or not to tan. Tanning bed or spray? This answer is not going to be popular with many but we do not endorse tanning prior to a photo shoot. I know many of you are looking for that sun kissed glow but with so many of the results, we find that fake or real, tanning does nothing but age you. And fake tans, no one wants that weird candy orange glow in their pictures. Avoid wearing tight clothing prior to a shoot. Tight socks etc will leave indentations on the skin.
  • How much do you alter the pictures?
    This is a common question. The extent of editing depends on the type of shoot it is and I will typically take info from the client. Will I fix that acne? Of course!! Can I leave that birth mark? Sure will. Will I make you look like a different person entirely? Absolutely not!! If that is what you want I am not the photographer for you. My job is to highlight the best parts of you. Remember we are all perfectly imperfect.
  • How many pictures do I get?
    Different sessions come with a certain amount of edited digital images this will be discussed as part of booking.
  • Can I purchase additional images?
    Yes I will make additional edited images available to purchase if you wish to do so.
  • Do you offer prints?
    Yes. The included images as well as the addition images you purchase can be printed on paper, canvas and metal in small to extra large sizes. This option will be available right in the gallery the images are delivered in.
  • How do I choose the images I want?
    At the conclusion of each shoot I will sit with you and choose the images you want that are included, as well as any you would like as an option to purchase.
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